Sensor Technology

  • Cutting edge microelectronics
  • Industrial grade MEM sensors
  • Calibrated at our state-of-the-art impact laboratory

FIT’s Algorithm

  • Factors in user’s biometric data – one size doesn’t FIT all
  • Instantaneous calculation of impact force
  • Adapts over time and adjusts for impact frequency

Impact Notifications*

  • Instant visual indication
  • Color-coded to level of force and athletes age/sex/weight
  • LED can be deactivated for FIT Pro users
  • Internal user notification of impacts

*NOT diagnostic, only meant to call attention to impacts that may have been missed, or not reported by the athlete

Wireless Transmission

  • Store hundreds of impacts on the FITGuard
  • Receive alerts even if you’re not at the game
  • Pull impacts wirelessly from the FITGuard to the FITApp with the push of a button