Detection is Key

While head impacts cannot be completely prevented, playing with an injured brain could increase an athlete’s risk for severe injury, delay healing times and negatively impact performance. Identifying head impacts may help reduce this risk.

Sensor Placement

FIT’s Platform measures and displays what is felt by the sensors inside the FITGuard. By housing our sensors inside a mouthguard, as opposed to external to the body, we are attempting to achieve a high correlation to the center of gravity (CG) of the brain.

Impact Characteristics

FIT’s Platform attempts to provide sideline staff with as much meaningful impact exposure data as possible. The FITGuard measures linear acceleration and angular velocity. The FITApp then displays the peak acceleration, approximating the direction of the impact.

Validation Efforts

Lab and field testing is ongoing and our users support studies that will help determine the risk of brain injury with every impact an athlete experiences.