The FITApp pairs with the FITGuard and empowers users to customize preferences, impact threshold settings, and impact notifications

Return to Play Decisions

Impact details are wirelessly sent to the FITApp, where they can be viewed to aid in more informed return-to-play decisions

Track History

The FITApp tracks a user’s head health history, offers a means for recording baseline head health symptoms, and even throws in a bit of off-the-field competition rewarded with FITCoin

Easy to Use

The FITApp is an easy to use, portable, and powerful tool for monitoring head health

What we do NOT do…

  • The FITPlatform is NOT a diagnostic tool and DOES NOT diagnose concussions.

  • A green LED indication DOES NOT confirm that the athlete is fine or did not suffer a concussion.

  • A red indication DOES NOT confirm that the athlete suffered a concussion