1. Place the FITPutty in the refrigerator for at least 15 mins.
  2. Place the impression tray into your mouth to see if it’s the correct fit and at a comfortable length. Make sure the tray feels comfortable and that the length extends no further than just past your back teeth.
  3. It is also helpful to have a towel or tissue nearby to help with excess saliva that may occur after molding.
  4. You have an extra set of impression putty, that is in case a mistake is made. We only need an impression of the top teeth.

Molding Process

Note: the following steps should be completed quickly before the putty hardens.

1. On a clean surface, near a sink and mirror, place your properly fitting tray with 1 FITPutty Base and 1 FITPutty Catalyst.

2. Remove the Base and Catalyst putty and fold them into each other continuously.

3. Once it is a uniform color, roll the putty between your hands into a hotdog shape.

4. Place the “Hotdog” putty into the tray, as the photo demonstrates

5. Place tray into your mouth and push up firmly until the putty molds around your gums. With your index finger, push the mold with the putty up high, until it reaches the point where the lips and gums join.

6. Pull your upper lip over the tray and relax for 2:30 seconds, which just happens to be the duration of this classic song!

Final Steps

  1. After 2:30 or the length of the classic “Ain’t no mountain high enough,” remove the tray by pulling straight down while slightly shaking your hand.
  2. Allow the tray to dry, and insert the impression tray into the plastic bag contained in the package.
  3. Do not try to remove the mold from the tray. Place the completed mold and tray into the provided bag.
Finished FIT Dental Impression