About our Product

Force Impact Technologies is currently iterating through generations of its flagship product, the FITGuard. The FITGuard is a mouthguard that measures, monitors, and documents head impacts on athletes in high impact sports. The data recorded by the guard is saved to the cloud using our smart phone apps, and can be displayed and analyzed by trainers and health care professionals.

The FITGuard is currently in various field trials with rugby teams in Australia and Scotland. We hope to one day have a consumer product that we sell to teams worldwide.

The FITGuard contains a microcontroller, flash storage, a battery, battery/power management, and numerous sensors to monitor our athletes. The FITGuard is wirelessly charged using a proprietary case for charging and storage.

About Your Team:

The team in Ottawa that you will be joining is responsible for developing the electronic hardware and firmware inside the FITGuard, as well as the supporting electronics and mechanical assemblies.

We work closely with a team in Los Angeles, as they develop the smart phone apps used to communicate with the FITGuard.

We also work closely with dental labs, coming up with the appropriate techniques to mount sophisticated and delicate electronics inside a mouth guard.

As the product is developed and further field trials begin, we will also begin working closely with our Biomedical team in Phoenix to analyze and present head impact data in a meaningful fashion to researchers, trainers, and athletes.

About Your Role:

Although early versions of the FITGuard have been used in trails, the FITGuard still requires development to become a consumer product. Your role will involve developing the firmware with the hardware team in Ottawa. This will involve everything from initializing and reading sensors, storing data in non-volatile storage, and transferring data over Bluetooth. All this needs to be done with close care paid to power consumption, as the device is battery powered.

You will also spend a lot of your time working with the app team in Los Angeles, as your firmware will need to speak with their software.

As the product evolves, and more data on head impacts are obtained, we will begin to work with our Biomedical team to implement algorithms to present ever more meaningful data to athletes. This data is hoped to protect athletes from catastrophic head injuries and injuries due to repeated smaller impacts.

The Position In Detail:


Skills and Qualifications:

Location: Ottawa, ON, Canada (Kanata – Office)

Bonus Skills:

Contact us today if you’re interested in the position! We can arrange a tour of our Ottawa lab, let you meet the team, and let us show you what we’ve made so far (we’re very proud of it!).